Recordings on the Mayfield Label

We are also issuing the odd (in some cases very odd!) demo and limited edition singles. So far, two have been officially released (although we take pleasure in recording one-offs…from the ultra-modern compositions of Stephen Pratt to sound effects music for the Chester Gateway Theatre!).

The following cdr singles and eps are available from us at the price of £1.99 each – white label copies, of course!

MA 108X   Cirkus (see their page on this web site) - "Song, Women and Wine" c/w "Let It Go"/"Many Times"
MA 112X   Jukebox Eddies - "Slippin’ Around" c/w "A Fool Such As I"/ "Mystery Train"
MAEP001   The Sue ep - featuring Roy Head, Barbara Lynn, Phil Upchurch and Jimmy McGriff and the Anglos

We also have the Jukebox Eddies CDR album "Red Hot and Rocking" MACD202A available at the bargain price of £3.99. This is a full length album of great rockabilly from a Liverpool-based band of former Merseybeat favourites.

Also Available from Mayfield Records

We are pleased to offer a selection of rare and important recordings at the very reasonable price of £8.99 each.

Groovin' Records   GROOV 01   Lawnmower R&B "Rockin' Rhythm and Blues" - all original
compositions by Merseyside's leading blues artist Alan Peters
JJ Records   JJCD 001   "Between Music and Madness" - The first and
very rare Supercharge album from 1973
JJ Records   JJCD 002   Supercharge - "The Early Eighties v.1"
JJ Records   JJCD 003   Supercharge - "The Early Eighties v.2"
JJ Records   JJCD 004   Daniel Kuffer Quartet "Live" - Jazz
JJ Records   JJCD 005  

"This is Mersey Folk" - (Germany only) Various Merseyside
folk artists from the 1960s (In preparation)

Pigmeat Records   PM 001   "Country Blues Hard Hitters v.1" - Various artists
Pigmeat Records   PM 002   "Country Blues Hard Hitters v.2" - Various artists

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