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You have discovered a genuine Merseyside-based record company with historic links to the Beatles, the Cavern and the Star Club, Hamburg.

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Our Policy and Our Product Range

The aim of Mayfield Records is to develop a range of limited edition cds and cdrs of historical and archival significance. The label is characterized by a passionate interest in the history of the widest possible range of musical forms and so, over the forthcoming months and years, Mayfield will release archival material representing great cultural and musical diversity.

Each release will pose fresh questions about how to grapple with the tensions that lie at the heart of any reissue label and its marketing of archival resources i.e. between the desire to re-create the past and the urge to interpret it. Mayfield Records will strive to create in the listener and collector the illusion of direct experience by evoking an atmosphere, setting a scene. This, of course, requires imaginative powers and an eye for detail. Wherever possible, therefore, our releases will not be re-mastered, re-edited or generally fiddled about with. Thus, their musical authenticity will not be in doubt, and the passage of time - the primary concern of any historical record label - will not be sublimated to the trendy re-creative techniques used by a great many larger and less thoughtful reissue labels. Furthermore, our packaging will be utterly unique, designed in all cases by artist Steve Hardstaff. Wherever possible we shall dispense with conventional jewel cases and package the music in a vicarious yet sympathetic (and collectable) manner.

So, both the music and the packaging (including extra detailed ‘sleeve notes’ posted on our website for the aficionado to down load) will be historical in the truest sense of the word i.e. representing as effectively as possible the difference between our own time and that period presented on the recording. By doing this, we feel that the musical material will not simply be an exercise in resurrection, but an attempt to present musical archives as part of an on-going process of historical interpretation.

We, at Mayfield, feel that major labels have severe problems of presentation when it comes to reissues. The unravelling of consequences surrounding such musical ‘events’ as Mersey beat calls for analytical skills of the highest order. Yet, indispensable though their back catalogues are, most major labels do not confront these musical archives in anything like a ‘historical’ manner – something we intend to do from the outset.


New Release

Neil Campbell - Through the Looking Glass

The CD features 12 original compositions by the Liverpool guitarist /
composer all performed by Neil on a nylon-strung instrument.

More Details at: www.neilcampbell.mayfield-records.co.uk

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